“The Lungy” is the name of a Street in Sligo Town, County Sligo, Ireland.  The Irish version of the name is “Sráid Na Loganna” which roughly translates as street of the hollow.[1]  At various times, the street has been spelled innumerable ways including:  Longaig, Longay, Lungey, Lunghay, Lunghey and Lunghy.[2]  The Lungy today begins at the corner of Church Street and Charles Street and extends to Temple Street.[3]   

          Most sources agree that the name “the Lungy” is one of the most uncommon of Sligo’s street names; however, there is a disagreement as to its origins.  Terence O’Rorke, a parish priest and local Sligo historian, indicates that the name comes from the Irish for ‘Long’-pronounced lung- meaning a ship.[4]  The story goes that this area in Sligo Town has a hollow in its middle where the old Lungy Well was located, and because the area was frequently saturated with water, it rose and fell similar to the swaying motion of a ship on the sea.[5]  Another Sligo historian, Colonel William Gregory Wood-Martin, agrees with the “ship” theory but also believes that the name may have been derived from a similar word meaning a fortress or an encampment.[6] 


Art McCarrick discusses the meaning of the word Lungy, with images of present day Lungy Street in Sligo.

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[3] Although the destruction of buildings above ground has been substantial, the street pattern of the 17th Century Sligo Town is largely intact.  Sligo Development Plan Section 13.1, page 2 (2010). 

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Sligo or in Irish "Sligeach" means shelly place.  Sligo is both a town and a county in the province of Connacht, Ireland.  The County of Sligo is shown below in dark green.  

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